Jed Madela apologizes for offending Britney Spears fans


Posted at May 28 2018 04:27 PM


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MANILA – Jed Madela has apologized to the fans of Britney Spears for likening her voice to that of a frog, a duck, a goose and a goat.

He made such comparisons during the Saturday episode of “Your Face Sounds Familiar” while coaching child actress Krystal Brimner on how she could properly impersonate the pop idol.

Several netizens called him out for making such comments, saying it offended them as supporters of the multi-platinum hitmaker.

Wasting no time to address the matter, Madela took to Twitter to apologize.

Madela said he also loves Spears and he did that for the young YFSF contestants to easily understand his instructions.

“Of course, in-exaggerate lang namin 'yun para mas ma-emphasize ang uniqueness ng boses ni Britney. Sorry ulit,” he said.

“Sorry, sorry talaga. Please extend my apology to all Britney fans. Again, we just had to compare it to animal sounds kasi 'yun ang theme tulad ng ibang icons na inimitate ng kids,” said Madela in another tweet.

The Kapamilya singer then thanked everyone who understood and accepted his apologies. 

As for those who continuously bash him, he said: “I can’t do anything anymore. Pasensya ulit.”