LOOK: Did Catriona Gray hint at romance with Sam Milby in January?


Posted at May 27 2020 05:49 PM

MANILA — Months before Sam Milby revealed his relationship with Catriona Gray, the beauty queen had already hinted at being romantically involved, at least according to her hawk-eyed followers.


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When Gray turned 26 on January 6, she was surprised by close friends with a party. On Instagram, she shared Polaroid snaps of the gathering, including one where she appeared to have a sweet moment with a man.

The "mystery guy," as the man was referred to in comments on Gray's post, was partially obscured. The photo was placed under another print such that the man's face was covered.

At the time, fans could only speculate as to the identity of the man. Gray had been separated from her former boyfriend, model Clint Bondad, for at least a year then.

Many of the guesses pointed at Milby, however, as the actor had been linked romantically with Gray numerous times prior to the party.


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In December 2018, they were photographed together at a Tanay farm with other companions. Cornerstone Entertainment, which manages both their careers, belied rumors that Gray and Milby were an item, referring to them as "good acquaintances" who happened to attend the same church.

A year later in December 2019, after Gray's Miss Universe reign, she was asked about her ties with Milby on "Tonight with Boy Abunda."

She only referred to Milby as a "friend" then, saying, "We go to the same church, we're under the same management."

Since Milby confirmed his romance with Gray over the weekend — notably with a Polaroid snap, too — neither has yet gone on record to clarify how long they have been officially together.