LOOK: Here's the final batch of 'PBB Otso' housemates


Posted at May 27 2019 11:26 PM

MANILA -- "Pinoy Big Brother: Otso" is down to its last batch of housemates, with all of them currently inside the house.

The last six adult housemates were introduced Monday.

Among those who entered the PBB house on Monday is 22-year-old Mae Alfante, a dancer from Davao City.

Her dancing has helped finance her and her twin's studies.

Twenty-seven-year-old Banjo Dangalan from Quezon City hopes to bring joy and laughter inside the house.

A martial arts trainer, Banjo wants to inspire others to be happy despite difficulties.

Kiara Takahashi, 21 years old, is a surfer based in La Union.

Having been separated from her Japanese father for a long time, Kiara said surfing helped her fix her relationship with her dad.

Born and raised in Italy, Akie Poblete, 24 years old, decided to be one of the housemates so he can give back to his family.

Twenty-one-year-old Diana Mackey loves to travel and go on an adventure.

As a new housemate, she wants to share the lessons she learned in life.

Gino Roque IV, at 23 years old, is helping his family run their business.

A self-confessed go-getter, Roque wants to find his own path inside the PBB house.

The six other housemates entered the PBB house on Sunday.