Don't mix up meds: Kris Aquino shares cautionary tale


Posted at May 26 2020 11:32 PM

Former actress Kris Aquino. Instagram: @krisaquino

MANILA — Kris Aquino showed on Tuesday photos of her face swollen as she urged her followers to let her personal experience of of mixing up medicine be a cautionary tale.

Aquino, 49, mentioned her condition in light of a postponed Facebook Live session with her fans. She apologized that she had to reschedule as she recovers.

She described her swollen eyes to receiving blows in a sparring session with Ronda Rousey, the former MMA fighter.

"Last Sunday, I drank the wrong pain reliever for my migraine. The result? Super bad allergic reaction and five days before swelling finally subsided," she wrote.


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"Ingat please," she told her followers on Instagram. "Let what happened to me be the warning."

Aquino's situation took a worse turn on Tuesday afternoon, when an electric fan accidentally fell on her left hand. Despite the sore, she couldn't take any pain medication after the earlier mix-up.

Instead she opted for essential oil and using a splint, as she showed in a photo she posted.

Addressing her followers, Aquino wrote: "Wishing all of you good health... God bless you all."