'I try to look at where I went wrong': KC Concepcion looks back on past relationships


Posted at May 25 2020 12:42 PM


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MANILA – KC Concepcion admitted this whole quarantine season has given her so much time to think about her past relationships.

Opening up in an interview with Tim Yap for his YouTube channel, Concepcion said that while on lockdown, she realized how she’s matured through the years.

“I think staying at home makes you think so much. Parang naisip ko, I have my own fears. I have my own imperfections. I have my own attitude. I have my own pace. I always try to look at where I went wrong, not just the other person,” she said.

Explaining further, Concepcion said love has to be about how she could provide value to her partner’s life “more than or equal to.”

“Dati, play, play [tapos] thank you, next. Now, nag-mature na ako. Feeling ko now, it’s like how can I be valuable to you? That’s the kind of relationship I want na,” she said.

Having said this, Concepcion shared the things she looks for in a man.

“Somebody that is established, somebody that is respected, somebody that has values that resonate with me, somebody who actually cares and shows that and is able to express that. I want to be able to be of value to the people that are in my life,” she said.

Meanwhile, she also shared that she remains close with the men she had relationships with in the past.

“I’m still super close to the men I had in my life because I think, we were part of each other’s lives. And if they didn’t treat me bad and we didn’t break up badly, they will always be part of my life. They will always be a chapter in my life. And I appreciate and value them still,” she said.

Among the guys who were romantically linked to her in the past were Piolo Pascual, Paulo Avelino, Aly Borromeo and her most recent French ex-boyfriend, Pierre Plassart.

Currently, she is being linked to Black Eyed Peas’ apl.de.ap although both of them have yet to speak about the matter.