They’re taking requests again: Agsunta brings back their song covers


Posted at May 25 2019 12:58 AM


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Whatever their reason was for "signing off" early this year is now apparently a thing of the past.

On Thursday, Agsunta, the popular cover band who drew criticism for only doing song covers even after they had signed with a major record label, has brought back their videos online --yes, this included the very first one they recorded from 5 years ago.

To announce this comeback of their "Song Requests" content, the band played a new version of their original song, "Bagong Umaga."

Check it out below:

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It was back in January when Agsunta said they'll be taking a break from doing song covers, deleting all their material online.

They did not specify a reason, but people speculated that it was a reaction to December Avenue's Zel Bautista's rant about "people who use someone else's work for money."

Agsunta has made covers of December Avenue songs.

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Bautista already clarified that he was not referring to any specific band with his rant, while Agsunta explained that their decision to "sign off" was just to take a break from uploading covers.

Agsunta delighted their fans when they released "Bagong Umaga" with a music video back in March.