Angelica Panganiban, BF look back at their love story in joint vlog


Posted at May 24 2022 12:06 PM

Angelica Panganiban and Gregg Homan. Photo from the actress's Instagram account
Angelica Panganiban and Gregg Homan. Photo from the actress's Instagram account

MANILA -- For the first time, Gregg Homan has finally agreed to sit down with girlfriend Angelica Panganiban to talk about how they first met.

In their second entry to their joint vlog, Panganiban shared that they first met while she was still taping “Walang Hanggang Paalam” in Subic.

“Taga dito (Subic) talaga si Gregg. Si Cherry Pie [Picache] 'yung may kakilala sa kanya and may kakilala sa akin na nangungulit na mag-meet na kaming dalawa. Nung una ayaw ko talaga kasi medyo, hindi naman jaded pero parang tamad na ako sa mga dating, dating. Parang hindi na ako interesado. Masaya naman na ako na single,” she said.

Panganiban said she only agreed to meet with Homan to indulge Picache’s request.

Recalling their first meeting, Panganiban told him that she’s been struggling to get food that she likes while in Subic. For Homan, that could be his ticket to get to know the actress better.

“Parang that was my in – asking her what type of food she likes. When I found out, a couple of days later, I sent some food over to the hotel for the whole crew. I knew at one point she would have to take thank me and I would get her number,” he said.

Homan said he only asked Panganiban simple questions during their first meeting because he was trying to see if they have things in common.

Little did they know, that would be the beginning of their love story.

Asked how he knew he already liked Panginiban, he said: “I think it was how easy it was. I remember a conversation we had that we said to each other na even if we couldn’t be in a relationship together, we wanted to be friends because we had so much in common. We did like our conversations.”

Panganiban and Homan have been together for over a year. They marked their first anniversary last July.

After a string of heartbreaks that publicly unfolded, it was only in November 2020 when Panganiban was rumored to be in a relationship again. 

On New Year’s Day in 2021, she confirmed that speculation by posting a snap of her sharing a kiss with a man, with fireworks in the background.

At the time, Panganiban hadn’t yet identified him to be Homan. She publicly introduced him, with a selfie, a month later.

Panganiban and Homan are currently expecting a child together.

Talking about how he learned about Panganiban’s pregnancy, Homan said: “When she found out, she said in a message ‘Are you busy? Can we talk?’ I assumed I did something wrong, said something wrong, or forgot to do something she asked me to do.”

“I was driving at that time, I had her on speaker. She rang and I had a friend in the car. The first thing I asked her, ‘Good news or bad news?’ The first thing she said was ‘I’m positive.’ ‘COVID? You better go home then.’ You were asking me to stop the car. I told you I stopped the car and I didn’t,” he added.

Homan said he finally heeded Panganiban’s request to pull over and they went on video call. That’s when the actress showed him her pregnancy test.

“I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to do… We started crying,” he said.

Panganiban said she plans to focus on their family first when the baby arrives but she does not plan on turning her back permanently on showbiz.

“Sa umpisa siyempre nanamnamin ko muna 'yung pagiging ina ko. Ie-enjoy ko muna. Thirty years na rin naman ako sa industriya. Parang ang dami ko nang naimbag. Siguro ngayon, hinihingi na nung life na mag-focus naman ako sa aking family dahil sobrang blessed ko na magkaroon ng pamilya ngayon. Gusto ko doon ako mag-focus, ibigay lahat ng oras ko doon.”

While Panganiban has yet to give birth, the actress said she already has a list of their child’s godparents which includes Glaiza de Castro, Ketchup Eusebio and John Prats.