Jasmine Curtis-Smith is 'adulting hard' at 27


Posted at May 24 2021 01:00 PM

MANILA – Jasmine Curtis-Smith is adulting hard at 27.

This was her sentiment as she narrated on social media how she purchased a condominium unit several years back, which, as it turns out, was unlawfully lived in by other people.

“Story of this unit... purchased this as an investment almost 6-7 years ago. Wasn't able to utilize it for a year and a half after turnover because of my lack of knowledge in property handling! I was about to move in after that year and a half but when I got to the unit, it was LIVED IN,” she said.

“All the plastic sealing of my sinks, faucets etc were torn and with empty bottles, sachets and whatnot left behind! They even stole the range and cabinet handles that came with the unit,” she added.


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Curtis-Smith said the condominium association changed security and managements a year or two after that incident so she decided to keep the unit and not sell anymore. 

“After all, I still am not that knowledgeable with property handling! Plus thought about how useful this place will be not just for me but for overseas family visiting in the future. Like my mama who likes being near the shops and cafes,” she said.

After deciding to keep it, Curtis-Smith said she is happy to have her own place which she turned into her quarantine nest and mini studio for work last year.

“Voila! It's ready. Holy wow, I am adulting hard at 27.”