Maria Ozawa was worried Pinoy BF would leave her


Posted at May 24 2017 05:01 PM


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She's known for her adult film star past, which she is having trouble burying behind.

But Maria Ozawa said she is confident that the nasty comments she continues to get will not throw off her newfound Filipino boyfriend.

Speaking with Pep, Ozawa admitted her worry over whether Jose Sarasola, a chef and a former contestant of "Pinoy Fear Factor," would stick with their relationship after receiving "bastos" comments from online trolls.

"Of course people would bash both of us," she told the website. "Compared to me getting bashed, I think he'll get more bashed. Those 'bastos' comments and all the things that he had to deal with, I was worried that he's gonna give up or it's going to be too harsh for him."

She continued: "But then overall, I noticed that he's a really tough guy and he's really nice. He will protect me no matter what. Now, I have not doubts or worries."


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The couple first confirmed their romance earlier this month, but rumors about their relationship began as early as February.

Ozawa stoked the flames when she posted a photo of her on a date with Sarasola for Valentine's Day.

"I didn't know it was going to be this viral," she said. "People started to talk about us. ...I didn't expect that at all."

Seeing that it worked out in the end, she added: "Everybody is so supportive and they are all so nice and caring about us. I'm happy that I posted the picture of us."


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In a separate interview, Sarasola described being with Ozawa "life-changing."

"It really is talaga kasi she's not just a regular girl. She's really known in the whole world. So it's an adjustment for me and for her as well. But then, importante is we’re both happy."