‘Na-gong, rumesbak, nag-semis, natalo’: Tears flow as Lalainne claims 3rd chance in ‘Tawag’


Posted at May 23 2018 10:52 PM | Updated as of May 24 2018 12:05 AM

Returning "Tawag ng Tanghalan" contender Lalainne Araña is shocked to hear her name announced as the winner in Wednesday's edition of the singing competition. ABS-CBN

When it comes to her dream, there's no giving up for "Tawag ng Tanghalan" hopeful Lalainne Araña, who for a third time on Wednesday sought a spot in the grand finals of the singing competition.

Araña is one of the 16 "resbakers," or past quarter semifinalists, who were brought back to compete for the last two slots in the weeklong finale set to kick off on May 28.

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The format of "The Ulimate Resbak" has two of contenders each owning a "seat of power," which represents a place in the grand finals. The two seated "resbakers" get to pick another two among the remaining crop to face off against each other. The winner of that showdown will then choose between the two seated "resbakers" whom he or she will challenge to steal the chair.

Araña won both the showdown, against Arbie Baula, and the challenge round, against now-unseated "resbaker" JM Bales, earning her one "seat of power," which she now has to defend until Saturday to ensure her slot in the grand finals.

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The announcement that she'd won instantly moved Araña to tears. It was her third attempt to make it all the way to the "Tawag ng Tanghalan" finale.

"Na-gong, rumesbak, nag-semis, natalo," she was heard narrating her journey, quite succinctly, in her pre-performance reel.

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Araña first joined "Tawag ng Tanghalan" in 2017 and went on to compete in that season's semifinals. She, however, was eliminated after she forgot the lyrics of her "Waray-Waray" performance and was stopped by then-head judge Louie Ocampo with the striking of the gong.

She returned in January this year with the same song, but this time with a more feisty take -- and complete lyrics -- propelling her once again into the semifinals. Araña, however, failed to clinch one of the reserved two slots for her Quarter 3 batch in the grand finals.

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The "Ultimate Resbak" -- her third return to the competition -- now pitted past semifinalists against each other from different quarters. With several more challengers set to attempt unseating her and fellow "resbaker" Ato Arman, Araña said she is up to the task of holding on to her ticket to the finale.