Did Kris Aquino just confirm her new relationship?


Posted at May 22 2023 05:07 PM

MANILA – Kris Aquino once again turned to social media to thank her team of doctors and friends who have been by her side as she battles her autoimmune diseases.

While many people focused on her health update and were delighted about her continued recovery, some of her eagle-eyed followers also noticed her last message for a certain “Marc.”

It would be recalled that Aquino previously mentioned in a post that she calls Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste as Marc, supposedly since that is the correct spelling of his name.

Towards the last part of her video clip, Aquino told Marc that she realized how unfair she has been to him. 

It was at this point that she seemed to have confirmed that they were in a relationship.

“I've been so unfair in not THANKING you enough for all your effort to be here whenever I need you, for all the times my past has made me so jaded that I keep breaking up with you. All because I didn't believe a long distance relationship stood a chance because of your job obligations, and because I need at least 2 cycles of 9 months each before I can hope to reach remission,” she wrote.

Continuing with her message, Aquino apologized to Marc “for punishing you for what others have done to me.”

“You are 100% correct, you're not them. Contrary to what others may think, it's either you or Bimb taking all the pictures. Thank you for agreeing to my request to not post and keep our new relationship private,” she said.

Aquino said they are proof that love indeed comes along when a person least expects it.

“Thank you for your 12 years of perseverance. Whatever God decides for us, let's please end up BEST FRIENDS for the rest of our lives?” she said.

Leviste, for his part, commented on Aquino's post only with a yellow heart and a 100% emoji.

Last month, Aquino was spotted out and about in Newport Beach, California with Leviste.

As seen in Leviste’s Instagram Stories, they went shopping at Fashion Island along with Aquino’s son Bimby, and her friend Michael Leyva. He also gifted Aquino a luxury jewelry piece, which he showed on social media.

Aquino has been staying in the United States where she is undergoing treatment for autoimmune diseases.

Recently, Aquino has also revealed that Leviste’s son asked for help to campaign for his candidacy in their school at La Salle Greenhills. Based on the post, Leviste’s son seems to call Aquino “mommy.”