'I was ashamed': Maxene Magalona reveals dealing with complex PTSD


Posted at May 22 2020 04:23 PM


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MANILA -- When Maxene Magalona started seeking help for her anger and anxiety issues from her doctors, she hid herself by wearing a hoodie and a baseball cap. 

"I was ashamed," she admitted.

This Thursday, the actress revealed to her fans on Instagram that she had been diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder, or C-PTSD. It's a psychological disorder, she explained, brought about by prolonged and repeated interpersonal trauma.

She shared that she found out about it "a couple of years ago" at the height of her drinking problem that caused "embarrassing tantrums," and led to experiences where she would "punch and kick doors," and "cry uncontrollably and scream as though I was calling out for help."

"I was determined to find out the root cause of my problems so I mustered up the courage to go [for psychiatric help] and to be honest, it was one of the best decisions I ever made," she wrote. 

This was why, she said, she is now encouraging people to "end the stigma" towards those with mental health problems, like herself, so that they can freely seek the treatment they need without the fear of being ostracized, or labeled as "insane." 

"Why it's socially acceptable for people with physical illnesses to go to the hospital for treatment while those with mental health conditions have to hide and pretend like they don’t have it?" she asked.

She added that she felt that this was important to bring this up now, given how the COVID-19 pandemic can greatly affect one's mental health. 

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