How Toni Gonzaga is preparing for the ‘outside’ world


Posted at May 22 2020 03:07 PM


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MANILA — Actress-host Toni Gonzaga shared some of the things she has learned while under quarantine.

In a live online interview on radio station Monster RX93.1 on Friday, Gonzaga said that aside from spending a lot of time with her husband and son, she has also been doing a lot of readings and reflections.
“Since we cannot go outside, why not go inside yourself? Reflect on the decisions you’ve made in life, on where your life is heading, just use this time to be productive, reinvent yourself. I’ve been reading a lot of self-help books. I just finished this book ‘Reinventing You.’ It’s like, use this time to reintroduce yourself out there when you go back to the outside world. Parang ‘yung better version naman ang ipi-present mo pagdating mo sa outside world, once you are out there,” Gonzaga said.

Despite what’s happening now, Gonzaga said it’s not too late to change.

“It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. Change your old habits that are not helping you to be productive, parang i-lessen mo yung things that will bring you down,” she said.
“One thing I’ve learned during this lockdown and it really stuck to me ‘yung sinabi ng husband ko na learn to control the things that you can, let go of the things that you can not. That was really very helpful because you know in this time and age of social media and digital world, there’s so many things that’s really beyond your control. Like 'yung reactions ng other people and how they deal with anxiety, how they deal with anger, their hate. Don’t’ allow other people to dump their trash on you,” Gonzaga added.
During this lockdown, Gonzaga admitted that her husband, film director Paul Soriano, and their young son Seve, kept her sane.

“What keeps me sane, what keeps me grounded is my family, my husband and si Seve my son. If you have a kid and I know a lot of moms can relate to me na, just look at the world through the eyes of your child. Like if you look at Seve, he’s a toddler now, he doesn’t know what’s going on the outside. He doesn’t know that there’s pandemic. He doesn’t know how big the situation is or the gravity of the situation. What he just knows is that mommy and daddy are home every single day and that we are together as a family. I feel like 'yun ang maalala niya, that we are present in his life,” Gonzaga said. 

Gonzaga is now hosting ABS-CBN’s new online show “I Feel U” every Sunday, which streams on the official Facebook pages of ABS-CBN Films, TFC Online, ABS-CBN Music, and One Music PH.