'It's sickening': Kris Aquino tired of paying for LP's 'shortcomings'


Posted at May 22 2019 08:39 PM


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MANILA -- When she revealed that she did not vote for all of the candidates of the Liberal Party (LP), the party of her brother, former president Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, Kris Aquino drew a bit of backlash. 

A disappointed fan on Instagram called her out for the supposed "implications" of not having a "solid opposition" in the Senate, and that she should have "set aside" her "personal issues" when she made her decision on who to vote. 

But Kris, who voted for only four from the opposition slate Otso Diretso (she did not name them), along with the two independent and the two pro-administration candidates on her list, was not having it. 

She defended herself by directly replying to her follower and saying that her family is not synonymous to the LP, pointing out that it was really only her brother who is affiliated with the party. 

A screenshot of the exchange Kris Aquino had with a follower on Instagram

A screenshot of the exchange Kris Aquino had with a follower on Instagram

A screenshot of the exchange Kris Aquino had with a follower on Instagram

She also said that it has been "sickening" to be held responsible and accountable for the "sins" of certain LP members. 

"We never enriched ourselves, we didn't do a precursor to President [Donald] Trump -- nobody from our immediate family was appointed or held a position -- we never even joined my brother in any of his foreign trips so as not to be accused of impropriety," she explained. 

“So yes it is personal dahil tapos na kong manahimik sa pagbayad para sa mga kasalanan at pagkukulang nung mga ibang LP nung nabigyan sila ng pagkakataon ng mga botante."

"I am not my siblings, I won't quietly take the punches because the truth is, we took the hits for the shortcomings of others." 

She did not name the LP members she was pertaining to. 

Her reply was under her post about who she voted in the recent elections. 

"I voted not along party lines BUT voted based on my personal choice because after all that’s one of democracy's principles, 1 person, 1 vote," she wrote as the caption. 

She is a known supporter of Bam Aquino and Chel Diokno -- both of whom lost. 


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The 12 winning senators were proclaimed Wednesday morning.