Julia and Gerald are both Pisces. Here’s what that means, according to the actress.


Posted at May 21 2021 08:23 PM | Updated as of May 22 2021 02:33 AM

Julia and Gerald are both Pisces. Here’s what that means, according to the actress. 1
Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson went public with their relationship in March. Instagram: @juliabarretto

MANILA — Julia Barretto considers having the same zodiac sign as her partner Gerald Anderson as an indication of their compatibility, saying they have many traits in common.

Barretto opened up about her relationship with Anderson in the latest digital issue of Metro.Style, mentioning their astrological match when asked what they have in common.

“Ge and I have the same zodiac sign, we’re both Pisces. We love the water, love being on the beach, being under the sun and going on adventures,” Barretto said.

“In terms of personality, we are both empathetic and optimistic. We have a soft heart for others. We like to be available for those who are in need of comfort in any way.”

Among the few photos of the couple which they’ve shared publicly show them at the beach, on a fishing trip, as well as on an outreach mission for typhoon victims.

“Along the way, what I’ve noticed about the two of us, is that we both know how to silence the noise and find the good in all situations. We know how to carry on. We’re both very optimistic,” Barretto said.

“Because individually we are this way, when put together, we are able to create a bubble, an atmosphere with good energy and is peaceful. Good energy is very important for the both of us so we like to keep things this way.” 

Barretto and Anderson’s relationship became the subject of controversy starting in 2019, when the actor’s former girlfriend, Bea Alonzo, insinuated a third party was involved in their separation.

Barretto and Anderson repeatedly denied having romantic ties at the time. In March this year, they confirmed being officially a couple, ending months of speculation.

Asked to share the positive influence Anderson has had on her since they became a couple, Barretto said, “This question made me quite emotional thinking about all the improvement I’ve noticed in myself since being with him.”

“I’m not sure he realizes the impact he’s had in my life. Gerald has made all my complicated, simple. In all situations, he helps put things into proper perspective for me. He has grounded and humbled me as a person,” she added.

“I am grateful everyday that I have a partner that looks out for me, fuels me and drives me to become a better person, for everyone and most especially for myself.”

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