Why Maegan Aguilar went public against dad


Posted at May 22 2014 02:11 AM | Updated as of May 23 2014 06:46 AM

MANILA - Maegan Aguilar, the estranged daughter of Freddie Aguilar, said she knows that the is ruining the reputation of her father by going public with her accusations against the music icon after he allegedly threw her and her family out of their home in Quezon City last week.

In a live interview on "Aquino & Abunda Tonight" on Wednesday, Maegan explained why she decided to take the spat to the media.

"I had no one and nowhere to turn to," Maegan said. "My father sent me out ora mismo, that day, that moment, that second, out of the house. I wanted everyone to know, because I never speak for myself."

Her interview with entertainment columnist Dolly Ann Carvajal detailing the argument was published on Monday. This was followed by an interview with ABS-CBN News' Mario Dumaual, which shown on "TV Patrol" on Tuesday.

Maegan added: "Tuwing nasa TV ako, pinoprotektahan ko 'yung tatay ko. Nandoon ako sa tabi niya. May alam ba kayo sa akin? Wala, 'diba? Tahimik akong musikero. Pati 'yung mga nangyari sa akin na ang tatay ko rin ang may gawa, never niyo akong narinig."

Maegan accused her father of kicking her, her partner, and two children out of their home last May 12 after an argument over "rotten vegetables."

According to Maegan, her family had to stay at her bandmate's place before getting a hotel room in Pasay with the help of her mother.

"Kaya ako nagsasalita ngayon kasi hindi ko ma-take na 'yung mga apo niya na mga anak ko, parang ginagano'n din niya, binabalewala niya," Maegan said.

'When will I be heard?'

Asked if she realizes that she is destroying the public image of her father with her interviews, Maegan said, "Yes, I realize that, and I'm probably ruining my reputation."

"But when will I be heard? That is my point. When will my voice be heard? When will he hear me? Because he never allows me to speak," she added. "He never allows me to say something is wrong, because he always wants to be right. He wants to be parang flawless. He doesn't accept that he is also flawed himself."

The 35-year-old Maegan earlier criticized her father's supposed "psychotic behavior" in raising her and her siblings, saying he never supported them to become successful on their own, which resulted in his children relying on him.

She alleged that Aguilar's attitude worsened when he started to live with his 17-year-old wife, whom he married in Islamic rites last November.

Maegan accused her father and his wife of living like a "king and queen" while his own grandchildren did not eat properly under his roof.

Aguilar, in a statement, only said that those who live with him, including Maegan, know the truth, and that he has no plans of saying anything further about his daughter's allegations out of his love for her.

Responding to her father's statement, Maegan said, "That's a lie, because if he loves me, why did he throw me out of the house with my children? Is that love? That's not even tough love. That's just some twisted psychotic thing!"