'You are still here with us': Sandara pens heartfelt message for 2NE1 fans


Posted at May 20 2019 09:44 PM

MANILA -- Korean pop star Sandara Park thanked the Blackjacks, the fans of her group 2NE1, for their continued support even after their group disbanded.

Park posted a heartfelt message on Instagram, along with a photo of the group's reunion for their 10th anniversary.


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"Back in 2009, the four of us in 2NE1 were excited on what the world had to offer. We didn’t expect that we would be given the best fans in the world. We didn’t expect that we would have fans in many parts of the world. To countries who don’t speak and understand our language. We are very grateful that Blackjacks embraced us. And because Blackjacks were everywhere, we were able to go to different countries. To places we only see on maps," Park wrote.

"10 years later, you are still here for us. Through joys and tears. Even when we had drastic hairstyles and outrageous stage costumes, you still loved and supported us. I can’t believe how much you mean to us — 4 Korean girls who just wanted to perform onstage," she added.

Park also thanked their fans for staying with them.

"We can’t thank you enough for the love. How we all wish we can thank each one of you and give you a hug. But I hope this message would be enough for now to show you how much Blackjacks mean to us. Thank you. I love you," she wrote.

2NE1 is considered as one of the trailblazers for the K-pop genre. The group disbanded in 2016. 

The members have kept in touch with another, a recent example of which was Park Bom releasing a music video that featured Park.