Cesar reacts to Sandra Seifert's rumored pregnancy


Posted at May 19 2015 04:41 PM | Updated as of May 20 2015 12:48 AM

Cesar reacts to Sandra Seifert's rumored pregnancy 1

MANILA – Cesar Montano remains in high spirits amid persistent speculations that he had former beauty queen Sandra Seifert pregnant.

Rumors have it that Montano and Seifert are in a relationship, although the former beauty queen neither confirmed nor denied this, as well as the pregnancy rumors, when asked by ABS-CBN News’ Gretchen Fullido early this month.

In her Philippine Daily Inquirer column published on Sunday, Dolly Ann Carvajal, who is said to be Montano’s good friend, said she was able to speak with the actor about the matter and he only had one thing to say.

“Maybe the rumor-monger is the one who’s pregnant,” Montano told Carvajal.

While Montano and Seifert are mum about the issue, the actor’s elder sister Marimer came to his defense in the hope of shedding some light to the controversy.

Excerpts from Montano’s sisters message, which Carvajal published, read: “However, if the rumor is true, so be it. Cesar is just a human being. Who is not a sinner in this world? The most important thing is if ever the rumors are true, the babies are his.”

Marimer also said her brother’s silent approach to the issue is really in his nature.

“He is one who will just keep quiet to protect his beloved…A few years ago, someone stole a check from him and forged his signature and [used it to pay] somebody. Fortunately, the bank manager phoned Cesar and told him about it. In the end, they discovered who the thief was but it was never taken to court. Instead, Buboy kept quiet about it to protect someone dear to him,” she said.

As to the rumor that Seifert will supposedly fly to Italy to give birth there, Marimer said: “How I wish it was true, as I miss the smell of a newborn baby!