Freddie Aguilar throws out daughter Maegan


Posted at May 19 2014 11:40 AM | Updated as of May 20 2014 09:46 AM

Freddie Aguilar and daughter Maegan. File Photo.

MANILA -- Maegan Aguilar, who defended her father, OPM icon Freddie Aguilar when he married a minor, is now singing a different tune as she lambasted the "Anak" singer for being a "bad father."

In an interview with entertainment columnist Dolly Ann Carvajal, which was published on Philippine Daily Inquirer on Monday, Maegan revealed her father threw her and her children out into the streets.

With her tell-all, she said she is now cutting ties with her father and is tired of covering up for him.

“He is a bad man and a negligent father. I had an awful childhood. Not any one of us, his children, did well in show business because he did everything to derail our careers," she said. "We lack confidence because he wanted us to fail, so that we would be forever at his mercy."

Maegan noted that she had always defended him, particularly when the singer-composer was heavily criticized for entering into a relationship with a teenager.

“I got harassed by DOMs (dirty old men) because my father married a minor," Maegan revealed. "I took everything in, out of blind loyalty."

Maegan said her father threw her and her children out into the streets because of an incident involving "rotten vegetables."

“He got mad because the vegetables that he kept in the refrigerator got rotten. I told him I did not touch the veggies because I knew he would get upset," Maegan narrated.

“He also flared up because I hadn’t paid the P1,500 I borrowed from him. I used the money to buy diapers and milk for Mahi," added Maegan, who said she only gets a P4,000 salary working at her father's bar Ka Freddie's on Tomas Morato in Quezon City.

“Then he gets mad that we [are] always cash-strapped. It’s his fault. I am underpaid," she said.

“But when it [concerns] the family of his young wife … he sends them P9,000 weekly even if they don’t need the money. Me, all I got were hurtful words," she added.

Maegan and her family are now staying with her bandmate.

“Knowing my dad, he will claim that I ran away. But why would I endanger the lives of my kids, just because of my pride?" she said. “He just threw us out—his daughter and grandkids—to live in the streets."

In the interview, Maegan also asked Gabriela and Muslim groups to stop supporting her dad.

"My past statement of support for my father’s marriage to a young girl was a complete lie. I was never in favor [of that]. I got hurt when he married her without telling me or other family members," Maegan continued.

“All he thinks about is himself. He’s the only one who matters in this world. He would often tell us that we were worth nothing because we were not the ones who composed the song ‘Anak.’

“I was mentally and emotionally damaged in his house. I will never return, even if he threatens to have me killed."

Maegan also revealed that Aguilar has a one-year-old daughter he left in Pangasinan despite being in a relationship with his then 16-year-old girlfriend.

“I pity my one-year-old sister and her mom. They were also clueless about my dad’s plan to marry the under-aged girl," she said.

“The kid won’t even get a birthday celebration this year because his young wife won’t allow it. She is brain-washing my dad. They want to control my dad and his money.

“My dad lets her get away with it, poisoning his mind. Is it hard to see that all she wants is his money? He’s 61 years old.”