Why Kris Aquino has to continue US treatments without her 2 sons


Posted at May 18 2023 09:07 PM

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MANILA – It appears that Kris Aquino has to continue her treatment in the United States without her two kids.

Aquino on Thursday revealed on her Instagram account that her younger son, Bimby, will be returning to the Philippines to continue his studies. 

Her eldest son, Josh, has been in the Philippines since March to focus on his weight loss after gaining weight while in the US. 

According to the actress-host, Bimby will be back in the country at the end of July. Aquino said one of her sisters was worried that she has to do all the treatment without her sons.

“My Ate was worried, I had said that Bimby would fly home end of July to study in 1 of our schools offering the International Baccalaureate Program. My Ate said: ‘We’re so worried about you, how will you survive the semi-isolation without Bimb? He’s still okay with studying & he’s still doing well with homeschooling?’” Aquino said in a video clip. 

But Aquino explained that she wants Bimby to enjoy being 16 years old.

“I reassured her, saying, ‘Ate, it’s so embarrassing that you all feel I’m so dependent on my 16-year-old. He deserves to enjoy being 16. I want him to experience what I didn’t, a regular high school and college life,” she continued. 

Aquino’s post about Bimby came a day after she revealed that she has begun taking new medicine as she continues to battle at least five autoimmune conditions. 

Aquino said that she started taking the first “baby dose” of methotrexate which is in a class of medications called antimetabolites. 

According to her, the said medication is used to treat cancer by slowing the growth of cancer cells and psoriasis by slowing the growth of skin cells to stop scales from forming.

On top of that, methotrexate can also be used for rheumatoid arthritis as it decreases the activity of the immune system. 

Aquino confirmed that she has five autoimmune conditions already and might increase to six. 


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