‘She’s on top of my list’: Arjo says he misses Maine the most during this pandemic


Posted at May 17 2020 03:10 AM


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MANILA -- Arjo Atayde, like many in this COVID-19 pandemic, misses a lot of things --acting, his friends, his co-workers in showbiz, he said, listing down some. But there's one thing, or rather, someone, whom he misses the most. 

"Yes, she's on top of my list," the actor said of his girlfriend, Maine Mendoza. 

Atayde was speaking in a virtual press conference last Wednesday, held for a movie he's part of, iWant's "Love Lockdown," which was filmed from inside the homes of all the actors who star in it.

During the press conference via Zoom, Atayde was among those who were asked about how their relationships with their loved ones and family changed during the quarantine period, when people were ordered to stay in their homes and practice social distancing. 

"It's hard to be away from your loved ones --family, girlfriend. This quarantine is making us stronger," he said. 


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Atayde and Mendoza have been dating for more than a year. 

Last February, when asked about whether he would like to marry Mendoza, Atayde quickly answered: "Of course."