'The Sun is Also a Star' tells story of immigrants in love amid deportation crisis

Yong Chavez, ABS-CBN News

Posted at May 17 2019 04:22 PM

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HOLLYWOOD -- What if you find the love of your life, but you only have one day to be with them?

It's the question at the center of "The Sun Is Also A Star" featuring the unexpected love story of two immigrants, one of whom faces a deportation crisis. 

Yara Shahidi plays Natasha, a student who grew up in America. Her Jamaican family faces deportation because her parents were unable to get through the complex US immigration system.

Charles Melton plays Daniel Bae, a Korean immigrant who's groomed by his parents to pursue the American dream of what they view as success at all cost.
Melton, who has earned a following through the hit CW TV series "Riverdale," said he learned a lot about love while playing this role.

"Daniel doesn't seem to be jaded by the way he views love and the way he gives love. He loves freely and openly without an idea of possibly getting hurt, which is very pure and honest, and aspirational, too. So I admire Daniel for that," he said.

Based on the bestselling novel of Nicola Yoon, the movie features an Asian-American romantic leading man -- a rarity in Hollywood. 

Shahidi said that telling an immigrant story is important, especially at this time in America when undocumented people are dehumanized, criminalized, and treated poorly.

Though only 19, the actress is active in politics and has encouraged young people to vote and make their voices matter in American policy-making. 

"Growing up, I've always been taught to believe in and invest in that larger global community, and so many times we don't see that on the screen. And it's important because our media is what determines what our norms are: who we choose to care about, who we think belong here, and who don't belong here," Shahidi said.

"The Sun Is Also A Star" also stars John Leguizamo and Jake Choi.

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