Sharon Cuneta to give her life for 'only 4 people'


Posted at May 16 2017 09:19 AM

MANILA - Veteran actress-singer Sharon Cuneta on Tuesday revealed that she would give her life to only four people in the whole world.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Cuneta said that she is longing for her children KC Concepcion, Frankie, Miel and son Miguel.


"I miss you...the only four people in the whole wide world I would give my life for," Cuneta wrote in the caption.

Over the weekend, Cuneta made headlines after she broke her silence on rumors that her marriage with Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan is on the rocks.

She belied speculations that her husband is having an affair with Sen. Risa Hontiveros.

Cuneta, who is currently abroad, said that if she and Pangilinan has had or will ever have an affair, she would most definitely not discuss it in public.

The actress also stressed that just like her father whom she described as having a "Master's Degree in the school of hard knocks," she is also street-smart.

"Do not even THINK about putting one over me. I shall NEVER allow it again. So if I am indeed going through anything now, IT DOES NOT INVOLVE A THIRD PARTY," Cuneta said.

Cuneta earlier this month decided to take a short break from showbiz.


On Tuesday, Cuneta also cleared speculations about her going through some financial troubles.

In her Facebook page, Cuneta, first appealed to all the people she's doing business with not to panic.

Cuneta said what she wrote last May 14 about money matters has something to do with real estate.

She denied speculation that she has no more money.


"Apparently, some people became so concerned, mostly thinking that I had no more money left (especially to pay for my obligations!). Okay -- please understand that when wealthy (derechahan na, walang halong pagyayabang na kahalo but only stating facts and, well, matter-of-factly. Napaka-arte ko naman if I make pa-cute pa when you know naman I was born with the proverbial silver spoon, etc., etc.!) people say they owe money and have no one to help them, all they mean is that "THEY HAVE NO ONE TO HELP THEM," and that "THEY ACTUALLY HAAAAAAAVE MONEY TO PAY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE TO (KAYA NGA NAKAKATRAVEL PA NG "MAGANDANG" CLASS SA EROPLANO PAPUNTANG IBANG BANSA!), BUT JUST DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH CASH TO BUY THEIR DREAM HOUSE IN, LET'S SAY AMERICA, WHICH COSTS ANYWHERE BETWEEN UNDER US$4 MILLION TO US$15 MILLION. (I'm NOT telling you how much my dream house costs!:-)) All it means I guess is that you are just smarter about what you buy now, and about the timing of things. O-K-A-Y?!!!," Cuneta wrote.

Cuneta added that she's just wishing that her father, who used to take care of everything, was here to help her.

"I just wish my Dad was here to help me. He always took care of everything. But wait -- ay, modesty aside -- I became much wealthier pala than my Daddy. Nyahaha. Because I LEARNED about stuff like real estate from him! I have a knack for it, apparently. And I'm really matipid. I wouldn't buy a Benz if I couldn't afford to buy 10. And I don't own luxury cars kasi only I, my bags and books lang would fit! I have working vehicles. And my E150 is 150 years old. Which means I don't buy a new vehicle just because there's a new model. But I do save more than I spend so I spoil myself (we are the masters of our money, it should never be the other way around. And that can only happen if you manage your finances well.) Please don't worry. Just please don't kidnap me. Kasi all my cash is nakalaan for my pambayad utang, and wala po akong maibabayad sa ransom kundi titibagin pang cemento at bakal! Okay? I teynk yu. Take care and God bless you! Lots of love always."