WATCH: Ellen Adarna shaves John Lloyd Cruz's head


Posted at May 15 2018 10:31 PM | Updated as of May 16 2018 03:15 PM

John Lloyd Cruz attends an art exhibit Tueday at the UP Vargas Museum in Quezon City. ABS-CBN

When he re-emerged in public Tuesday for an art exhibit, John Lloyd Cruz noticeably sported a bold, new haircut -- which, it turns out, was styled by his girlfriend, Ellen Adarna.

On Instagram, the actress shared a clip of her shaving the sides of Cruz's head, resulting in a new look for the former Kapamilya leading man, as seen at the UP Vargas Museum in Quezon City.

Cruz and Adarna, who have been the subject of wedding and pregnancy rumors in recent months, have been on hiatus from showbiz since mid-2017. 

While they've largely kept out of the limelight, the two have been snapped by fans together in public, with photos confirming their romance and subsequently lending credence to claims that Adarna has been an expectant mom owing to a visible "baby bump."


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Despite trying to keep a low profile, Adarna, however, has been thrust anew into the public's attention, as she took to Instagram a feud with a minor she accused of "pap"-ing her, or taking photos of her in public.

That minor's mother on Tuesday made true on her earlier warning that, should Adarna refuse to issue a public apology to the girl she had accused of being a "paparazzi," her family would take to court their complaints of child abuse and violation of the cybercrime law.

Adarna's post following reports of the filed complaint in Pasig appeared to be a hint of her take on the legal step -- that she was unfazed and instead had a different "agenda" for the day, as she wrote in her caption.