KD Estrada, Flex contenders define 'modern masculinity'


Posted at May 14 2022 10:43 PM

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Screenshot from Star Magic's YouTube channel.

MANILA — Showbiz newcomer KD Estrada and contenders for Star Magic's digital magazine Flex have defined what "modern masculinity" means for them. 

Estrada said men are prone to making mistakes despite all the privileges they have in life. 

"I don’t think it’s hard to be a guy right now but I would say it’s easy to make a lot of mistakes," Estrada said in a press conference. 

Aleck Iñigo said that it should go beyond someone's physique and look into the attitude of a person. 

"Hindi lang siya about ‘yung body physique natin, it’s all about the mindset, the right attitude. Hindi naman porket sinabing masculine ka is kailangan tough and strong ka all the time. It should be ‘yung biggest flex talaga is ‘yung pagiging marespeto mo and gentleman sa mga tao," he said. 

"Hindi na kasi uso ‘yung mga dadaanin mo sa brusko, dadaanin mo sa angas, iba na ngayon eh. ‘Yung mga girls nga, ‘yung ibang tao gusto na nila ‘yung mga lalaking malalambing, ‘yung mga lalaking soft kasi doon makikita ‘yung true emotions ng lalaki."

Wize Estabillo, meanwhile, said men and women should be equal but not everyone is on the same footing. 

"Of course, we all have our own rights pero sabi ko nga hindi pa rin nawawala ‘yung pagiging gentleman," he said. 

For Andrei King it is important to love yourself: "Dapat talaga ay mahalin mo ‘yung sarili mo dahil ‘pag minahal mo ‘yung sarili mo maiisip mo at magagawa mo ‘yung mga gusto mong magawa katulad ko dahil before na-bully ako and ginagawa ko is ‘yung mga dating pangarap ko lang, ‘yung mga dating ‘di ko akalaing makukuha ko, makakamtan ko."

"Best talaga is to love yourself and give love sa lahat ng taong makakasalamuha mo kahit sino pa siya, kahit ano pang estado sa buhay dapat pagmamahal lang ibibigay at pag-unawa sa lahat ng taong naka-surround sa’yo," he said.

Laziz Rustamov said a man's intentions should be pure: "As long as your intentions are pure and you’re doing something productive and making people smile, I think it’s good."

Anthony Barion said men should show that vulnerability and emotions are not a sign of weakness.

"They say a real gentleman knows how to cry kasi we need to hone in our skills. For a long time, men have always been told you’re not allowed to cry, men don’t do that but I think being in tune with our emotions as men is I think women find sexier, someone who can control their emotions, someone who’s confident about showing their emotions that’s what women find sexy nowadays."


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