Iwa Moto to ‘Papa Ping’: Time to rest, enjoy life


Posted at May 13 2022 07:19 PM

MANILA — Former actress Iwa Moto shared her joy over Sen. Ping Lacson finally getting to spend more time with his family, after the defeated presidential candidate conceded and said he would now “enjoy peace and quiet” away from politics.


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Moto is the long-time partner of Pampi Lacson, Sen. Lacson’s son. They have two children together.

On Instagram, Moto shared a photo of the lawmaker with them and his grandchildren, writing, “To our dearest Papa Ping, we love you!”

“You are still our champion,” Moto said. “You are our hero. We all know that you are the best candidate for the job. But we will respect the decision of everyone. [At least] po daddy lumaban tayo hanggang huli. You are the best president the Philippines will never have.”

Lacson placed fifth in the presidential race, with Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. finishing as presumptive president.


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As the results showed Marcos, Jr. leading by a wide margin, Lacson, in a brief statement, said, “I’m going home.”

“After being away too long looking after the needs of other people, it is time to serve my family for a change. Enjoying peace and quiet in these challenging times will probably be my life’s greatest reward.”

Moto, in her post, sang a similar tune, telling Lacson: “Your family is excited to spend more time with you dad. You have been serving the country with all your heart. Time to rest and enjoy life.”

“Basta para sa 'kin dad, it’s not your loss. Kasi maganda naman talaga intention mo,” she said.