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Filipinos star in new Netflix series 'The Lincoln Lawyer'

Yong Chavez | TFC News Hollywood

Posted at May 12 2022 05:50 PM | Updated as of May 14 2022 10:34 AM

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller. Courtesy: Netflix
'The Lincoln Lawyer' stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller. Courtesy: Netflix

In the Netflix series 'The Lincoln Lawyer,' Manuel Garcia-Rulfo takes on the role of Mickey Haller, which was originally played by Matthew McConaughey in the 2011 film adaptation of Michael Connelly's bestselling novel.

"I'm very honored and thankful and proud of it, to be playing an iconic character like Mickey Haller and to be part of such an amazing world that Michael Connelly created. To be part of that, it's just a blessing," Garcia-Rulfo said.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo. Courtesy: Netflix
Courtesy: Netflix

The Mexican actor was also happy and grateful for the show's diverse cast, which reflects modern-day Los Angeles and its vibrant immigrant population.

Meanwhile, he shared what the most difficult part of starring in the series was.

"I guess the language. English is my second language so I think that was the hardest part to to learn all those monologues especially on court with legal terms. It was very hard to pronounce."

Reggie Lee at 'The Lincoln Lawyer' premiere.
Reggie Lee at 'The Lincoln Lawyer' premiere.

In the show, Hollywood actor Reggie Lee plays a man accused of human trafficking. He said he's grateful for the opportunity to help tell the challenges faced by Filipinos in America.

"The struggles of Filipino Americans, trying to get here, do what they have to do in order to make a living, and try to make it. Not only just make a living, but try to make something of themselves so they can help their family. And there's only one wrong turn that you can make, and suddenly everything tumbles down. I love that because it's really human. So I was really happy," Lee noted.

He added, "it was a question for me when I took this role because it was offered to me and I was like, 'I don't know.' But then I was like, you know, if I can find the human aspect of it, I'd like to do it because it's (producers) David Kelly and Ted Humphrey, and it was a wonderful experience."

Lee is also busy preparing for his coproduction project with ABS-CBN, a TV series titled 'Concepcion.' It's his first project in Hollywood as a producer.

"For us, Asian Americans, especially for Filipinos, we got to keep the foot on the gas pedal. Things are starting to open up and people are finally starting to get to know who Filipinos are. We're the second largest Asian American community, yet the least represented in the media," Lee also pointed out.

"The Lincoln Lawyer" also has other Filipino talents including Katrina Rosita and Jeff Francisco.

Neve Campbell in 'The Lincoln Lawyer.' Courtesy: Netflix
Neve Campbell plays a prosecutor seeking justice over the human trafficking of Filipino immigrants in Los Angeles in 'The Lincoln Lawyer.' Courtesy: Netflix

Neve Campbell, on the other hand, plays the government lawyer going toe-to-toe with Lee.

"For the over decades I've been conscious of the millions of people in trouble and, sadly, I think we're still at a loss at how to how to fix it (human trafficking) and the importance of searching for those solutions," Campbell said when asked about what she found out about the plight of human trafficking victims.

The show also features actor Christopher Gorham who plays a billionaire needing the help of the so-called 'The Lincoln Lawyer.' Gorham asserted that the show is for people who love legal dramas.

"They love true crime and they want to sit down before bedtime and really get immersed in a case and try to figure it out. And this show has all of that, and it's fun and it's got some great performances, great writing, so it has a lot to offer," the actor noted.

'The Lincoln Lawyer' starts streaming on Netflix on May 13.

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