Alex G joins 'Home Sweetie Home' as Toni's half-sister


Posted at May 11 2019 09:43 PM | Updated as of May 11 2019 09:53 PM

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Looking beyond social stereotypes became the theme in the pilot episode of a revamp of weekend sitcom "Home Sweetie Home" titled: "Home Sweetie Home: Extra Sweet." 

The episode was a significant turn in the show's plot, with Alex Gonzaga making her debut in the sitcom as Julie's (Toni Gonzaga) younger half-sister Mikee Montes amid Julie's on-screen (now ex-husband) Romeo's (John Lloyd Cruz) disappearance from the show. 

Cruz exited the show to focus on his personal life with girlfriend, actress Ellen Adarna. 

Ferdie (Vhong Navarro), Edwin (Bayani Agbayani) and Pip (Luis Manzano) play as their next-door neighbors. They also find company in Barangay Capt. Frank played by Bobot Mortiz; and fellow ka-barangays Hiro (Fumiya Sankai) and Bogs (Yamyam Gucong). 

Mikee's mother is a scammer who was sent to jail, with her trying adjust to a "simpler" life living in one house with Julie - whom she shares the same father with. 

The show picked up where the prequel left off, as Julie tries to recover from a fire which razed not only her then husband's stuff but also the house where she, along with their kids and her siblings Gigi (Miles Ocampo) and Rence (Clarence Delgado) stayed. 

The fire compelled the whole family to move to Barangay Isla Barako and stay at a rental house owned by Julie's aunt, Oya (Rio Locsin) who tells Julie that she will be sharing the place with her half-sister. 

Mikee felt reluctant staying in the house, let alone in the barangay as it didn't have enough to sustain her needs such as air-conditioning or a WiFi connection. She also felt distrust towards Pip, Edwin, and Ferdie for their ragged behavior and accused them as thieves. 

As Julie confronted Mikee for her behavior, a snatcher took away Mikee's necklace. While they were able to tackle the thief successfully, another thief proceeded to get the jewelry from her, prompting them to report the incident to Frank - who then said he had no idea who the thieves are. 

The episode quickly turns into a quest for the lost necklace, with the thief literally throwing up the necklace after a few drinks with the barangay captain, Pip, Ferdie, and Edwin. 

The four men, being accused of covering up the thief, reasoned out that he invited the thief for a drink because he knew he swallowed the necklace. Pip then pointed out that they still tried to help her track down the thief even when they knew about the reputation of her mother. 

There was little to no mention of Cruz in the show.