WATCH: Claudine cries, misses Marjorie's kids


Posted at May 11 2014 07:18 PM | Updated as of May 12 2014 08:28 PM

MANILA – Claudine Barretto said she felt like she was killed when her sister Marjorie prohibited her from seeing her children Daniella, Julia, Claudia and Leon.

In an interview with “Buzz ng Bayan” aired on Sunday, Claudine became emotional when she talked about Marjorie’s kids.

“Sa lahat lahat ng tao, kay Marjorie ako pinakagalit kasi pinag-away kami ni Gretchen (Barretto). I said some painful things to my sister which I will forever regret. I always made life easy for my sister, for Marjorie. But she killed me the day na tinanggal niya 'yung karapatan ko to see my nieces na pinalaki ko. Nakalimutan niya ako, 'yung ako talaga,” she said.

Saying she doesn’t recognize Marjorie anymore, Claudine said, “I grieved for her. Pinatay ko na siya sa buhay ko. I would never ever do anything to hurt my nieces.”

Claudine said she is sorry that she can no longer talk to Marjorie’s kids despite her efforts to be in touch with them.

“I just pray that they don’t forget, Dani, Julia and Claui, Leon… I want to let them know that I tried so much during their birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s. I tried my best, I couldn’t get through,” she said.

Contrary to rumors that she wants to destroy Julia’s career, Claudine said, “I love her so much, so so much. Siya naman ang susunod sa trono ko. Matagal ko nang sinabi 'yun. I’m so proud of her.”

Marjorie, on the other hand, denied that she prevented Claudine from seeing her children.

In a statement sent to “Buzz ng Bayan,” Marjorie said she finds it hard to believe that Claudine claims to love her children when she herself tried to destroy them not long ago.

“Claudine, you never borrowed my children. You never even tried or called them. I never deprived you of seeing my children. Never. Please don’t claim to love my children when not too long ago, you tried to hard to destroy them,” she said.

Last year, rumors rocked the Barretto family and part of it stemmed from comments on the image-sharing service Instagram, supposedly made by Gretchen, saying Claudine is not happy about Julia's rise to stardom.

Back then, Julia was being groomed to be the lead star of “Mirabella” as an artist of Star Magic, the ABS-CBN talent management firm that launched Claudine to stardom until her transfer to another network in 2009.

In response to reports on the alleged exchange on Instagram, the Barretto matriarch, Inday, released a statement denying Claudine's supposed plans to "block" Julia's career.

Claudine has since been estranged from the children of her sisters Gretchen and Marjorie.