Awkward! Kean reveals Arci was his ex, in front of Alex, his other 'ex'


Posted at May 08 2018 08:35 PM | Updated as of May 08 2018 10:50 PM

It appears all is well between former sweethearts Kean Cipriano and Alex Gonzaga, who now even work together as co-judges in the musical game show "I Can See Your Voice." 

While the two were never an official couple, by Gonzaga's account, they've made no secret of their past romantic ties.


This was brought up anew in last Sunday's episode of "I Can See Your Voice," with guest Arci Muñoz. Her task, as per the show's format, was to guess which among the contestants are actual singers.

Seeking the counsel of the judges, Muñoz at one point got advice from Cipriano, who called the "Since I Found You" star by her real nickname, Mona.

Cipriano being familiar with Muñoz got a reaction from Gonzaga, who teased her former sweetheart about calling the guest by a name other than her popular screen name, Arci.


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This eventually dredged up a bit of "trivia" from Gonzaga, who revealed that only those close to Muñoz call her Mona. Gonzaga knows this, she said, because she was once classmates with the actress. She then reached her point: How come Cipriano also knew of it?

Without hesitation, Cipriano exclaimed, "Siyempre, ex ko siya!"

The candid revelation had the audience cheering, and the judges standing from their chairs. Wacky Kiray, in particular, asked Cipriano whether he also had a nickname for Gonzaga during their time together.

Alex Gonzaga and Kean Cipriano were also co-stars in the 2015 fantaserye 'Inday Bote.' ABS-CBN

"Tawag ko sa kanya 'Cathy' (Gonzaga's real name) kanya rin naman nanggaling, hindi naman naging kami, e," Cipriano answered.

Despite their complicated past, the two have managed to stay friends, it appears. Gonzaga is now in a relationship with businessman Mikee Morada, while Cipriano is married to actress Chynna Ortaleza, with whom he has a child.


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