Daniel Matsunaga hurt during 'I Can Do That' rehearsals


Posted at May 08 2017 11:24 AM

MANILA – All the celebrity contestants of “I Can Do That” have been training hard to learn difficult stunts for their unique acts for the the ABS-CBN game show. 

Just how difficult are these performances?

In a video posted on Instagram, Daniel Matsunaga showed how he was hurt when he was unable to perfectly do a backflip during one of his rehearsals.

Matsunaga had to be brought to the hospital where he was confined for two days.

“Unfortunately, I had this accident during rehearsals but I chose to do it and I wanted to learn. A lot of people were asking what happened… so this is what happened,” he wrote in the caption.

Matsunaga, however, clarified that he is now up and about and he is ready to do it again.

“No pain, no gain right? I was confined two days in the hospital but thank God all results went okay! Thanks also to all the people who were there with me all the way,” he added.

Despite what happened, Matsunaga remains grateful to be part of “I Can Do That.”

“Failures are part of it and we grow with it...I am very blessed that I am part of this amazing show and I can say I am a better performer today because of it,” he said.

Matsunaga is not the first contestant on the show to get hurt during rehearsals. In March, Cristine Reyes was bruised just above her left eye after she was inadvertently kicked in the face by fellow celebrity contestant Arci Muñoz. 

Reyes described her injury as painful, but added that she harbors no ill-feelings towards Muñoz, who immediately apologized to her.