No paparazzi: Mother of girl targeted by Ellen Adarna demands apology


Posted at May 07 2018 09:42 PM | Updated as of May 07 2018 10:27 PM


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MANILA - (UPDATED) The mother of the girl accused by Ellen Adarna of taking "paparazzi" shots of her has written an open letter to the actress.

In a copy of her Facebook post sent to ABS-CBN News' TV Patrol, Myra Abo Santos, the mother of 17-year-old Eleila Santos, said her daughter and their family are deeply hurt by the incident.

"We are reaching out to you to let you know how deeply hurt we are by the unneeded stress and unwanted attention you caused after you uploaded a photo and video of her on Instagram, without any consent from us," Santos wrote.

Santos also said that after her daughter was identified in Adarna's video, Eleila immediately reached out to the actress to explain her side.

"After her friends told her about the ‘Instagram Story’ that you posted where she was first identified, she was mature enough to immediately write privately to you and explain the situation: that she was taking footage of her food. We initially took it lightly, thinking things would be resolved quickly and the 30-year old you would give the two minors the benefit of the doubt. Even her aunt wrote a private message to you, and mentioned she is a minor. However, we did not hear anything from you," Santos said.

"Instead, you posted a one sided narrative and insisted on erroneous and unfounded accusations again on Instagram. You have claimed my daughter is guilty, rude, and has been repeatedly insinuating my daughter is lying. You even said that you can handle bashers and hope my child could, too. I want to tell you that she is not like you, she never needed to. She is a private individual who has not even turned 18. As a celebrity, we would have thought you would understand the value of privacy," she added.

According to Santos, Adarna's video and her lack of response shows that she wants to defame Eleila.

"When we watched this video, coupled with the lack of an actual response from your side – it was clear to us – you did not want an explanation. You only want to defame our daughter publicly," she said.

Santos said they have begun seeking legal assistance, and that she wrote the open letter as advised by their lawyer.

She is also demanding an apology from Adarna for maligning her daughter.

"As her family, we ask you to publicly apologise to Eleila. We prefer not to take this further, but as our only daughter, we are ready to take this wherever needed to protect her integrity. As much as no one has the right to breach your privacy, you have no right to ruin my daughter’s reputation," Santos said.

On Friday, Adarna posted a video of Eleila supposedly taking a video of her.

Captioning the clip, she wrote: "Oo yan ha . . . You know the feeling . . . Uncomfy noh? When you PAP us, we PAP you too! Nasa resto eh. It's a tie."

Adarna also used the hashtag #PaparazziMoves in another photo of the customers.

Eleila, on her Twitter account, said she just wanted to post something about her food, and did not notice Adarna.