How Team Kramer handles kids' popularity

by Vincent Garcia,

Posted at May 07 2014 02:24 AM | Updated as of May 07 2014 11:23 PM

Celebrity couple Doug and Cheska Kramer

MANILA - Celebrity couple Doug and Cheska Kramer on Tuesday revealed their Bible-inspired approach to raising their three children --Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin.

In a live interview on "Aquino & Abunda Tonight," Doug confessed to being an authoritative father. He described his wife as the one who likes to "choose her battles with their kids."

"Both are strict but we have a different approach," Doug said, before explaining the need to spank their children to instill discipline.

"But you don't do it to hurt your child," he clarified. "First off, you cannot discipline your child in public, it has to be in private. Kendra gets warnings, pero pag sumobra na talaga siya, we go to the private room and I explain to her what happened. Then I get the discipline stick--never your hands because those are for affection--and you do it not to hurt, just to remind."

He also explained the importance of reconciling afterwards. "You affirm her of your love and the reason why you did that. And it is not because of anger, it's out of discipline lang talaga," he said.

For her part, Cheska added: "I'm the type na constant ang reminders. Si Doug kasi, minsan minsan lang. Ako 'yung everyday reminders about slippers, wash your hands, brush your teeth, it's time to sleep."

Being internet sensations

Asked whether their children are aware of their celebrity status, Cheska revealed that Kendra, their eldest, loves the spotlight so much that she wants her own billboard along EDSA.

"There was this one time, we saw a billboard of Cheska and then suddenly, Kendra goes, 'Where's my picture?' And then she started to cry," Doug shared.

Doug and Cheska, who maintain the social media accounts of "Team Kramer" themselves, then shared how they balance their popularity and the privacy of their personal lives.

"What you see is what you get. And at the same time, we don't like going out a a lot. We keep our friends really small. So the same people with whom we go out with when we were still boyfriend and girlfriend are still the same friends we have now," Cheska said.

She also shared their secret to keeping romance alive, despite their growing family and the increasing amount of time they need to spend with their children.

"Even on vacations with our children, we always also try to find our little vacation na kaming dalawa lang," Cheska said. "It's important. Nagda-date pa rin kami. And when the kids are all sleeping, that's when we leave the room."

"The thing is that is how we started when we didn't have kids, so why change it if it's working?" Doug added.