'Mystery girl' in Charice's photos identified


Posted at May 06 2013 01:27 PM | Updated as of May 06 2013 09:38 PM

Viral photos of singer Charice with her friend

MANILA – The “mystery girl” being linked to Charice after several photos of the two made the rounds online is reportedly just a friend of the young singer, according to Charice’s godfather, columnist Bum Tenorio.

In his Twitter account, Tenorio said the girl is actually the girlfriend of his nephew Nikko Tenorio.

“For the record, the ‘girl’ the tabloids link to Charice today is actually the girlfriend of my nephew,” he said, explaining that the singer and his nephew are close since Nikko is the brother of Charice's best friend Nikka who passed away in 2007.

Tenorio said Charice even gives his nephew free voice lessons, while Nikko sometimes drives for the singer.

While Charice has remained quiet in her social media accounts, Tenorio said Charice is still actively monitoring her Twitter account to keep in touch with her fans.

“Charice told me in the car that her Twitter account was hacked for a few days. Now, she's back to lurking. Lovers and bashers make her smile,” Tenorio said.

“Charice said she remains grateful to her bashers. ‘Tulog-tulog din pag may time,’ she said to those who bash her even in wee hours,” he added.

Charice’s last tweet was posted on November 5, 2012.

Aside from sporting a short hairdo, Tenorio said the singer also decided to get new tattoos.

“Cha has added some more ink in her body like ‘I cry because it hurts’ and ‘Let's start with forever.’ Again I wish I could spill,” the columnist teased.

While the singer's absence from local TV continues to puzzle her followers, Tenorio said Charice is currently “very happy and content with her life now.”

“She knows June will be a happier month for her in LA. Wish I could spill,” he said.