'What do you get for hurting somebody?' Jed Madela asks after being fat shamed


Posted at May 04 2018 03:15 AM

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"What do you get for hurting somebody?" 

This was Jed Madela's question after he was asked about what it felt to have been fat shamed by an online troll. 

Speaking on "Tonight with Boy Abunda", the singer admitted that while being called fat is nothing new to him, he still feels hurt every time he receives the harsh criticism. 

"Nakakasakit siya," he said. 

He went on to add that he deals with these incidents by ignoring them. He explained that giving attention to bashers, who hide behind fake accounts, only encourages their behavior. 

His advice to young people who go through similar experiences is to surround themselves with the "right people" --the people who understand them best-- and "ignore and block" if they can. 

The topic of fat-shaming was brought up because of an incident he had with a troll on Twitter just last month. 

He was replying to actor Matteo Guidicelli, who shared his own experience of being fat shamed, when a random person told him: "Pero mataba ka naman talaga." 

His response was: "Sometimes, I lose hope with some people in the world. Oo, mataba ako... pero magagawan yan ng paraan... eh... (tingin sa profile pic)... bless you." 

Madela was on the late night talk show to promote the upcoming premiere of the second season of "Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids," which is scheduled this weekend.