Maxene Magalona shares stories behind her tattoos


Posted at May 03 2023 03:18 PM

MANILA -- Actress Maxene Magalona on Wednesday shared the story behind her tattoos in her "Magandang Buhay" guesting.

The actress has several tattoos including one on her left wrist, and on her nape. 

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"The very first tattoo that I had done this' la fille à papa' which means 'daddy's girl' in French. I got this during my dad's first death anniversary kasi I want to remember his love for me.... ang naisip ko parang si papa lang talaga ang magmamahal sa akin ng tunay. And I get it in the language of French kasi may dad's nickname is Frans. So parang it all ties together. And I put it here (wrist) para I will always remember to live my life to the fullest para nakikita ko talaga siya," explained Magalona, the daughter of the late OPM icon Francis Magalona.

"Then the next one I got is the tiara tattoo because I am the daughter of the King of Rap, so I am a princess," she added, showing the tattoo on her nape.

She also got inked on her right hip. "Ang nakalagay all you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust. Because I feel that I'm a fairy, we're fairies and we're just here to sprinkle good and energy," she said.

The actress also has a Hello Kitty ribbon on her right wrist.

"I am obsessed with Hello Kitty kasi when I see Hello Kitty, she brings me so much joy and she's a worldwide icon. She's her own brand and she's your friend. Gusto kong maalala 'yon na the simple things in life are the most important ones," she said.

According to Magalona, she also got tattoos in Bali during the pandemic. 

"All of us were going through a lot during the pandemic, during that time I was really finding myself, connecting to myself. I was there for one year, I said I'm going to do things once a month that I've never done before. So I said on that one month, I'm going to walk into a random tattoo shop and get a tattoo. So when I got this, I got the third-eye chakra, the heart chakra and then the manipura chakra which are solar plexus. So these are the different energy centers that we meditate on. And then when I meditate on these gateways it makes me meditate even deeper. It just reminds me my time in Bali of how I became spiritual, how I became more conscious and how I connected to myself on a deeper level," she said.

Before leaving Bali, Magalona also got a "be love" tattoo. 

For Magalona, her tattoos are like her battle scars.

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"It reminds you of the pain that you went through and how you were able to survive and overcome it and it even made you stronger kasi nga pain is a potential power, hindi ba?" she said.

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