EDM artist Jace Roque drops new single 'Forever'


Posted at May 03 2020 12:45 PM


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MANILA – Filipino EDM artist Jace Roque has dropped a new single titled “Forever,” his first Taglish release.

Roque said the track is very special to him because it’s his first time to try something new with a song, and he is hoping listeners will love it as much as he does.

“It blends dance, EDM, hip-hop, Latin, pop, R&B and reggae into one cohesive sound. This is the most musically diverse of all my releases,” he said.

The song talks about taking control of one’s destiny in terms of love.

“A lot of people believe that if it’s meant to be, it will be. But the truth is, you can’t just dream about forever. You’ve got to work hard to earn it,” he said.

“Longevity is something that I’m working really hard to achieve. I’m now on my 12th year in the industry, and all the hard work and perseverance I’ve put in is no joke. It can be tiring, but I always remind myself why I wanted to pursue music in the first place. It’s because I just want to express myself. I’ve always been a very artistic person, and I don’t see myself doing anything else with my life,” he added.

Prior to releasing “Forever,” Roque has had a number of other songs such as “Sober,” “LOVE” and “Day and Night.”

As an actor, he appeared in various ABS-CBN shows such as “And I Love You So,” “Inday Bote” and “Ningning.”

Roque also played supporting roles in the movies “Across the Crescent Moon” and “Tatay Kong Sexy,” which starred Matteo Guidicelli and former senator Jinggoy Estrada, respectively.