Did John Lloyd cheat on you, 'ghost' you? Ellen Adarna clarifies


Posted at May 03 2020 02:10 AM


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MANILA -- She didn't really name the man who "ghosted" her.

So it's no surprise many concluded that it was John Lloyd Cruz who did it to Ellen Adarna, given how they broke up. 

But this Friday, as quoted and translated in a Push report, Adarna, in a Q&A with fans on Instagram, clarified that it wasn't Cruz, and that the actor also did not cheat on her, as rumors have been suggesting.

She explained: "Just to clear everything. Nope. Dili cya. Dili cya ang ni ghost and dili cya ang ni cheat. Kuyaw naman kaayos remix and feelings ning mga tao kung unsaunsa na lang mga pangstorya. Leave him alone kay dili dyd cya." 

("Just to clear everything. Nope. Hindi siya. Hindi siya ang nag-ghost at hindi siya ang nag-cheat. Nakakagulat na lang talaga 'tong remix and feelings ng mga tao kung anu-ano na lang pinagsasabi. Leave him alone dahil hindi talaga siya.)"

It remains unclear why Adarna and Cruz, who welcomed their son, Elias, together, parted ways. 

Adarna is currently in a long-distance relationship with a foreigner. 

In the same Q&A, Adarna said she managed to move past her failed relationships, because "heartbreaks are just temporary. If you work hard to be a strong and independent woman, it can't be forever."