'Ex-Mocha Girls members replaced for defying Uson'

by Boy Villasanta, abs-cbnNEWS.com

Posted at May 03 2010 02:54 PM | Updated as of May 03 2010 11:09 PM

'Ex-Mocha Girls members replaced for defying Uson' 1MANILA, Philippines - Give unto Ceasar what is due Ceasar.

This must be the judgment set by “Mocha Girls” manager Lord Byron Cristobal when he issued walking papers to its former members who quarreled with Mocha Uson, the group’s lead singer.

Cristobal, according to entertainment writer George Vail Kabristante, expelled Hershey Delas Alas, Bez Lacanlale, Grace Oracion, and Heart de Guzman for apparently defying orders issued by Uson.

During their gig in Guam, Uson has set a non-negotiable rule against taking complimentary drinks from male customers. The girls were also not allowed to sit in a table with male customers.

“She (Uson) has been the image of the group and people look up to her as very professional,” exclaimed Kabristante, Uson’s confidante.

Cristobal, reported Kabristante, dismissed them with a heavy heart.

“Had these members who were forced to resign only humbled themselves before Mocha, it would have been easier for her to defend them pero matataray pa sila kaya nag-decide na si Byron,” said Kabristante.

“These members who were forced to resign even issued bad press against Byron and Mocha that made the situation all the more complicated, and worst, it nearly caused the total break-up of the group,” added Kabristante.

To set the record straight, though, Uson herself minced no words in clearing her name.

“First, sitting down anytime in the workplace with customers is against the law. We were all performing artists as stipulated in our contract, not hostesses. Even dating with customers outside the workplace is also against the law.

“If caught, anytime we can go to the slammer which happened to some actresses and members of Baywalk Bodies before us. We have heard of this before, right? Of course, one can always take chances because the police are not there all the time. But why take the risk? Yes, it is possible you can go around the law and get yourself some fortune and a rich millionaire for a husband even, but what if you get caught? You go to jail and with it goes everything, including your future,” Uson gushed.

Cristobal had already replaced the “rebel” members.

“Equally competent replacements are always available. As a performing group we are an ensemble, meaning all of us are replaceable. It has no solo performer. If it looks like I am the front-liner of the group, it is because I happened to be a film and TV star in my own right,” said Uson. -Report by Boy Villasanta, abs-cbnNEWS.com