WATCH: Dennis Padilla, Julia Barreto in personal father-daughter conversation


Posted at May 02 2021 01:07 PM | Updated as of May 03 2021 02:34 AM

MANILA – Julia Barretto had a personal and intimate conversation with her father, comedian Dennis Padilla, about their past and present relationship.

In her most recent vlog, Barretto asked her father about his past marriage with her mom, former actress Marjorie Barretto.

“Kahit siguro hindi naman kami nagkaproblema sa marriage contract, yung relationship namin noon, it became rocky because of my attitude, my temper. Marami din akong pinagdaanan noon kaya ako naging ganun. Ang mommy mo, marami ring pinagdaanang pagsubok dahil sa naging ugali ko,” Padilla told his daughter.

Padilla said he realized all his mistakes as the years went by, adding that his whole life flashed before his eyes when he battled COVID-19 just recently. 

Taking all the blame, he told his daughter: “I saw all my mistakes. It was like a dream. Yung pumasok sa aking event sa buhay ko nung akala ko wala na ako, siguro mga 10 frames per second. Na-summarize ko yung buong buhay ko ng wala pang dalawang oras. Actually I am the one to be blamed. Walang kasalanan ang nanay mo. Kasalanan ko yun.”

Aside from her parents’ past marriage, Barretto also asked Padilla about the greatest lesson he learned from their past misunderstandings and miscommunications.

“That I should have listened first. ‘Dennis, huwag ka muna makialam, alamin mo muna yung puno’t dulo. Bakit hindi mo muna tanungin si Julia.’ Gusto ko naman na ganun ang mangyari dati. Kaya lang, hindi ako makapag-communicate sa inyo. Every time na magte-text ako, wala akong nakukuhang feedback at all. I would text and then wala,” he said.

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Padilla also brought up how hurt he was when Barretto wanted to drop his surname.

“It’s not the pangalan itself. That’s my blood, kaya masakit yun. Kasi kumbaga, parang ito ba ang gusto niyo? Barretto na nga ang dala mo sa screen, bakit tatanggalin niyo pa ang apelyido ko? Masakit sa akin yun,” he said.

Barretto, for her part, explained to her father that they were just “trying to correct your mistake” considering that her parents’ marriage was null and void and they were their illegitimate children.

Despite all the painful words and actions that have been said and done, Barretto stressed how hard she fought to keep a relationship with her father.

“I didn’t ever give up on our relationship. I was never, ‘He hurt me. He traumatized me. I’m never gonna try with my relationship with him again.’ Because if I had given up, we wouldn’t be talking right now. But I kept trying. That was painful for me. I was fighting so hard for our relationship despite all the words thrown at me by my own dad. I understand your frustration. Nobody was talking to you, but you have to look at why aren’t we talking to you. Why were we so scared to talk to you? You have to understand there was so much pain. There was so much fear,” she said.

Nonetheless, the young actress noted that all is well now and that her father’s journey with COVID-19 put a lot of things in perspective.

“I am so glad you have a good relationship with me, with Claui, with Leon, and with all of your kids now. I am so proud of you because I saw the change after your journey with COVID. I appreciate all our conversations now. Everybody is so much humble, forgiving, understanding. I am really proud of you because I saw the change of heart,” she said.

To end their conversation, Barretto thanked her father for the opportunity to guest in her vlog, saying she is hoping their conversation would serve as an inspiration to other fathers and daughters.

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