WATCH: Liza reveals title of next TV series with Enrique


Posted at May 02 2017 01:42 PM

LOS ANGELES – Traveling together has made Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil closer through their many international shows over the years, including, most recently, the Star Magic show at Santa Clara, California.

They say they have fun discovering each other’s particular habits.

“Quen is the craziest shopper on earth. I swear, he buys anything he sees. Anything that amuses him, he buys,” Soberano said.

The pair is still overwhelmed by the success of “My Ex and Whys,” their latest movie together. Gil explained why he related to his character in the movie.

“He never stopped loving. When I love somebody, I never stop,” he said.

“Until the last full show of the movie here in the States, I heard ang dami pa ring pumapasok sa sinehan. Paulit-ulit sila na nanonood so I’m just so thankful to our loving and supportive fans,” Soberano said.

The actress said she is really proud of how their tandem “is really out there and we’re actually making names for ourselves.” 

Despite their busy showbiz schedule, both still put in their best efforts to thrive in school and have big plans about their future post-acting.

“We’re super busy so we try to mix it up with our crazy schedule. It’s tough,” Gil said.

As for Soberano, she said: “What I really wanted to do is psychology. I wanted it to be my pre-law. Right now, I’m more of the psychology side instead of the law side. So I’m hoping to pursue psychology.”

The popular love team are currently working on their newest television series.

“It’s actually called ‘Bagani.’ We’re allowed to name it already. But we’re only gonna be in the pilot week of it. And then we’re also be working on a movie pretty soon,” the actress said.