K-pop: Psy, BTS' Suga release 'That That'

Anna Gabrielle Cerezo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Apr 30 2022 10:38 AM

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Get ready to hit the dance floor with the collaboration between two of the biggest names in K-pop.

On Friday, Psy, the artist who largely introduced K-pop to the global market, released his latest single “That That,” featuring Suga, the rapper from the South Korean group presently ruling over the music industry. 

The addictive dance pop, which was also produced by the BTS rapper, was released as part of the “Gangnam Style” singer’s aptly named brand new album “Psy 9th.” 

It is Psy’s first full legth since his 2017 record “Psy 8th 4X2=8.”

“That That” is high-powered from start to finish and like Psy’s most iconic work, it is playful and fun. 

The track features a simple but catchy repetitive hook that allows Psy’s personality and charisma to take the center stage.

Suga’s fiery rap break over the snappy percussion and refreshing instrumental riff, is also worth mentioning as a highlight of the dance-floor ready track. 

While “That That” is not a game-changer, it does live up to the tandem’s respective behemoth names — and will be a surefire global hit.

Just a few hours after its release, the tune hit No. 1 on iTunes in at least 78 countries and is expected to debut on top global charts following its tracking week. 

The music video with snazzy wild west-themed visuals, meanwhile, is currently dominating YouTube’s worldwide trends.

The clip also has also bagged a few records such as the fastest K-pop music video to hit 10 million streams for the year on YouTube. The piece pulled the sum in just 7 hours. 

Psy, who is 16 years Suga’s senior, shared that “it was hard to feel any age gap” while working together.

“When meeting younger artists, I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to be someone who’s hard to approach. He just wasn’t my junior in the business, but also he truly feels like a friend,” he opened up.

He went on: "If he thinks of me as a bestie, that’s great for me.” 

Meanwhile, Suga said, albeit “nervous,” the collaboration “felt like working with a childhood friend.

“It made the songwriting process that much more fun,” he admitted. “We became besties in a way.”

The “Daechwita” performer also revealed he did not expect he would be establishing a personal relationship with Psy. 

“To be honest, I haven’t gotten that close with anyone I collab with. It’s because I’m not the type to meet up and collaborate in-person,” Suga said.

He went on: “But he wanted to see me in person. While producing, we went back and forth a lot. I seriously didn’t expect to be dancing with Psy. I thought I was only writing the song.” 

“That That” is one of 12 tracks on “Psy 9th.”

The album also boasts other collaborations featuring some of K-pop’s biggest stars such as “Happier” with Crush, “ForEVER” with Tablo, GANJI with Jessi, and “NOW” with Hwa Sa.