After interview with son, Kris Aquino hits back anew at Bimby’s basher


Posted at Apr 29 2021 03:11 PM

After interview with son, Kris Aquino hits back anew at Bimby’s basher 1
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MANILA -- Actress and host Kris Aquino lashed out at a netizen who poked fun of Bimby’s hand gestures during their heart-to-heart conversation last week where she asked her son about his gender orientation. 

Aquino could not help herself and replied to a netizen who commented on her interview with Bimby uploaded on Instagram. 

“Pilantik ng mga daliri,” the Instagram user said. 

The actress did not mince words, calling out the commenter for picking on the gestures of a 14-year-old. 

“I am not going to criticize you physically but I will call you out on your lack of decency,” she said. 


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Aquino also reiterated that she had enough of all the criticisms thrown at her sons. 

“You know I have had enough of this bullsh*t. If that's the only thing you can criticize about my son then I have really done a f*cking great job as a mom,” she continued. 

“On the other hand, I must say the fact that you choose to pick on the gestures of a 14-year-old boy says so much about your lack of propriety.”

“I have shut up for too long but I have had it. This is my feed and you are bullying the wrong boy,” she continued. 

“You cannot handle attacking me so you are attacking my son. You choose the wrong mom. I look forward to the day I see you face to face.”

Last week, Aquino uploaded her sit-down interview with her youngest son where the two exchanged seven questions each, in light of Bimby turning 14 recently.

“How do you feel, honestly, when you read those comments and they say you’re gay?” Aquino asked her son for her first of seven questions.

Bimby, who was seated across his mother, answered: “Wala, I don’t really feel anything. If you think I’m gay, alright. But you do realize that the gay community sa Philippines is a strong community. And you do realize that I’m 14.”

“I know what I am. I’m straight as an arrow,” he said.

Born to celebrity parents — Aquino is dubbed local showbiz’s “Queen of All Media,” while his father, basketball player James Yap, is a superstar of the sport — Bimby has grown up before the public eye.

In Aquino’s custody after the separation of his parents, Bimby would often appear alongside his mother in her TV programs, and now, her digital shows. 

In March, Aquino also called out “homophobic attitudes” of her detractors, in response to comments about Bimby’s sexual orientation.

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