Inday Barretto: Gretchen did not work for us


Posted at Apr 28 2013 09:43 PM | Updated as of Apr 30 2013 01:54 AM

Inday Barretto: Gretchen did not work for us 1Socialite actress Gretchen Barretto

MANILA, Philippines – The matriarch of the Barretto family continued her tirade against daughter Gretchen Barretto, denying that the actress took on the role of parent to her siblings and even gave up her schooling to enter showbiz.

In a statement she sent to “The Buzz” on Sunday, Inday Barretto urged Gretchen to “stop putting yourself up by putting us down.”

“Just remember that my house, which you call less than your criteria, was what gave you a roof over your head, food on your stomach, clothes on your back when you were a nobody and had nothing! All you wanted was to hitch your wagon to a star and the world gave you the moon as well,” she said in the statement.

“You still have to bash us with lies and pasikat up to when Dad and I are about to close our eyes! The trouble with lies is you have to tell more lies to back it up!” she continued.

Furthermore, Mrs. Barretto responded, point by point, to Gretchen's assertion that she worked in showbiz to help her family.

“Issues and allegations: 1. Gretchen stopped schooling to stand as breadwinner of the family - to pay for the rent, electricity, food and schooling of her siblings!

“Answer: At the age 12 modelled for a line of clothing, P1,000 per pictorial. At 14, she did a movie ‘14 Going Steady’ P20,000 per project, followed by two more movies I cannot remember. One or two more endorsements, maybe of the same amount. A total of P100,000. By the time she joined showbiz, three of her siblings were already done with school and well on their way,” she said.

“She was only with us for three years. By the time she changed into adult roles and earning better, she was already living in with (basketball player Joey) Loyzaga and our family were already in Iloilo to spend little time with my 90-year-old mother. And Daddy wanted to go into prawn farming,” she added.

Mrs. Barretto said they may not be rich but she also maintained that they were never poor.

“Our family had a comfortable lifestyle long before she was born and up to the present. No way will we let a 12-year-old child work for us. Family and friends can attest to that,” she said.

The feud among the Barrettos started when the family matriarch released a statement last Wednesday, announcing that she is disowning Gretchen.

Mrs. Barretto defended her other daughter, Claudine, against the allegations of Gretchen, who had supposedly criticized her younger sister for "bashing" their niece Julia on Instagram.

Following this, their brother Joaquin also issued his own statement claiming it was actually Gretchen who once “put food on the table, paid for the rent, electricity and hospital bills when dad suffered.”

Gretchen and Claudine have yet to speak on the issue.