Lucky husband Antonio Banderas

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Posted at Apr 27 2010 06:35 PM | Updated as of Apr 28 2010 02:33 AM

Antonio Banderas became "lucky" the day he met his wife Melanie Griffith.

The Spanish actor - who married the "Working Girl" actress in 1996, shortly after the breakdown of her marriage to Don Johnson and his divorce from Ana Leza the year before - has admitted his life changed dramatically from the moment he first laid eyes on his future spouse.

He said: "I was lucky from the very beginning, from the day we met. At the time we were having problems with our respective partners, and those relationships were pretty much over. We were both in very similar situations.

"She's very funny. That's one of those things that I've always loved about her, together with her generosity. I couldn't be with someone who is depressed all the time. She helps me get past problems, including the most serious problems that we've had, and she's had. We've got nothing to hide."

Although the couple's relationship hasn't always run smoothly, they have never considered splitting up.

Discussing whether they had ever talked about divorcing, Banderas, 49, said: "No, no. in 15 years, we've never discussed that. We've had rough times like anyone has, and we've had fights. Were a normal couple with ups and downs, but we've never gotten to that point. Never. I'm happy with Melanie.

"There's no specific secret, but I guess it's about paying attention to the little things. The details. Like getting up in the morning and embracing seeing her without makeup by saying, 'This is part of the relationship.' That type of really small thing. In constantly rediscovering your partner, knowing there's a way out of any crisis."