Enrique Gil admits he thought of leaving showbiz


Posted at Apr 26 2023 02:33 PM


MANILA – Enrique Gil confessed he thought of leaving show business during the three years that he spent away from the limelight.

Gil admitted this in an interview with ABS-CBN News’ MJ Felipe on Wednesday after he signed an exclusive contract with ABS-CBN anew, signaling his acting comeback.

“For a time, [I thought about it]. I really enjoyed the three years out. I was also doing business with my mom but sabi ko parang may kulang,” he said.

“I need to leave a legacy so I [started] my own production company. I really want our Filipino content to make it out globally. With the likes of 'Squid Game,' how well it did, I just want something like that for our country. Yun ang gusto ko. I want to bring good pieces and hopefully it makes it globally.”

Now that he’s returning to acting, Gil said he wants to do it not just for the sake of coming back, but for a purpose.

“I was thinking what other businesses can I do? What am I really good at? It’s pleasing people and making people happy. So sabi ko I can’t just let that go,” he said.

“But coming back, I have a different way na. I have a different set up that I want to do, a target that I want to do, a purpose that I want to do in this industry – to make something more than just what we’re used to, just to evolve and more on behind the scenes, concepts, and I just really want the Philippines to do well globally,” Gil continued.

Nonetheless, he does not regret the years that he was not in the spotlight or acting in front of the camera.

“I just needed time with my family. With the whole pandemic thing, it just put things into perspective na mas importante 'yung time with my family, time with my siblings, especially now that my sister is in Spain. So, I was really happy to spend those three years with the whole family.”

If there is one thing he learned during the pandemic, it’s how a job stays as a job but it’s his family that comes home to at the end of each day.

“The whole pandemic talaga made me realize na life is short. I was also so busy so I couldn’t really spend a lot of time with my family [back then]. I am really grateful for those three years na talagang nagsama kami ng solid before may sister moved on to Spain, my brother is about to move out, before Liza (Soberano) also went to the US,” he said.

“I think it was just perfect for me – for my heart, for my mind. That was really what I needed din at that time."