Bianca defends baby against netizen who called her 'negra'


Posted at Apr 25 2016 05:09 PM

MANILA -- TV Host Bianca Gonzalez defended her 6-month-old daughter Lucia against a netizen who called her "ugly" and "negra."

Over the weekend, Gonzalez shared a photo of Lucia which had the caption: “Six months today! First time to try solids!”

One Instagram user gave negative comments on the post, particularly on Lucia's looks and skin color.

Upon reading the netizen's comments, Gonzalez' maternal instinct kicked in as she defended her innocent baby.

Then, another user joined the conversation and said: "Baby pa naman siya, marami pang pwedeng magbago sa kanya."

Gonzalez responded by saying that she has no plans of changing her daughter's natural skin color, adding that she is proud of being a "morena."

"It's the color of Filipino skin," she said.

Gonzalez, her husband JC Intal, and their daughter recently visited Boracay for a vacation.

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