'No awkwardness at all': Darren Espanto grilled about closeness to Cassy Legaspi


Posted at Apr 23 2020 01:15 PM

MANILA – Darren Espanto was grilled about his closeness to Cassy Legaspi after he brought up her name during an interview with MYX over the weekend.

But like what he always says, Espanto reiterated that the two of them are just very good friends and they go around in the same circle.

In fact, Espanto shared that "there’s no awkwardness at all" even though a lot of people are rooting for them to be together.

“That’s something that we’ve talked about even before we met in person. Like, ‘O, we have shippers now.’ The first time we met, it was a bit awkward kasi siyempre hindi pa naman kami nagkikita dati. But it’s been an ongoing thing na we talk about,” he said.

While admitting they did not expect the teasing to last this long, Espanto said they are just happy that people are there to support both of them individually as well.

When asked if he feels uncomfortable when Cassy’s twin brother Mavy calls him his brother-in-law, the young singer said: “Ongoing joke din 'yun. We are all used to each other joking around like that. It’s really part of our friendship na talaga.”

Espanto, however, was able to evade the question when directly asked if there’s a chance for him and Cassy to become more than friends.

Instead of answering, he brought into the video conference his younger sister Lynelle, who’s with him at home in Canada.

The MYX hosts then turned to Lynelle, who candidly said she approves of Cassy for her brother.

Nonetheless, Espanto agreed that most relationships work if there’s a strong foundation.

“For me, I’d say na 'yung pinakamatibay nga na relationship should always start with the friendship kasi when you guys break up, parang after that, there’s nothing there kung hindi nagsimula sa friendship,” he said.

Aside from his closeness to Cassy, Espanto also talked about his song “Sasagipin Kita” which has consistently been part of the MYX daily charts since it got released.

“’Sasagipin Kita’ is really a different sound sa Darren Espanto from four years ago. This is my first song na parang alternative din 'yung tunog… The song talks about really being there for kahit sino. Of course, all of us have our bad days, all of us go through a rough patch in our lives so I’d like to dedicate that song to everyone who’s going through something,” he said.

Espanto said he feels good every time he gets to compose his own song because it gives him a sense of accomplishment.

The young singer said he’s hoping to do more of it in the future.