Mavy Legaspi to attend wedding of cousin Dani Barretto


Posted at Apr 23 2019 11:59 AM | Updated as of Apr 23 2019 12:00 PM


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MANILA – Mavy Legaspi was candid when a netizen asked if he would attend the wedding of his cousin, Dani Barretto.

Legaspi is the son of Zoren Legaspi, the older brother of Barretto’s father Kier.

Without seeming hesitation, Legaspi said: “Of course. Anything for Dani. I will forever love her as my cousin and ate.”

He also shared what he thinks of Barretto’s soon-to-be husband.

“Xavi is a really cool dude, like no joke,” he said.


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Barretto got engaged to Xavi Panlilio back in February. 

While she may have invited her cousin to her wedding, Barretto made it clear before that only her mom will be walking her down the aisle.

"Because she raised me on her own," she put it simply. 

Barretto said she hasn’t spoken to her father for six years now and they ended up not being in good terms after the last time they talked.

Despite their situation, Barretto believes it’s better this way because she and her dad “are not hurting each other anymore by not just talking.”