Kris Aquino says Bimby is 'reason I can't give up'


Posted at Apr 22 2023 08:57 PM

MANILA – Despite fighting several illnesses, Kris Aquino made sure not to forget her son Bimby’s 16th birthday as she penned a moving message for him.

On Instagram, Aquino showered Bimby with love and described him as the reason she keeps fighting despite her health issues.

“YOU are the reason I can’t give up, and I continue fighting what at times feels like a losing battle. BUT if there’s one thing I'm proud of, since the day you were born- 5 weeks early, weighing barely 4 pounds, I've kept my word, never breaking any promises I made to you,” Aquino said in the caption. 

The actress-host also walked down memory lane, recalling how she reassured then 11-year-old Bimby, when they first learned of her autoimmune conditions, that she would endure everything just like his grandmother Cory Aquino. 

Aquino said her most fervent prayer is to "still be alive and cognizant" when Bimby turns 18 on April 19, 2025.

“I even vividly remember my prayer: God I ask for nothing more BUT the gift of resilience & FAITH for me to still be alive and cognizant on April 19, 2025, when Bimb officially becomes an adult… Please prepare him well for the lifelong responsibilities he’ll have when it’s his turn to be his Kuya’s guardian. Just 2 more years, every year after let’s treat as an unexpected gift from heaven,” she continued. 

Aquino also thanked God for answering many of her prayers especially now that Bimby has been helping take care of her despite doing homeschooling everyday. 

The popular Filipino celebrity expressed her gratitude for her two sons, Josh and Bimby, saying they make her "shine as a mom."

“With kuya & you, I feel just how REAL God’s love is, and how despite what our family is going through- we remain blessed much more than what we could have prayed for,” she added. 

Aquino is battling auto-immune diseases which forced her to stay abroad to receive treatment.

She said two of her four diagnosed autoimmune ailments are life-threatening, and a fifth is highly likely "because of my distinct physical manifestations."

Explaining her health status, she also said she has started “step one” of what’s expected to be an 18-month process of diagnosis and treatment at “a hospital’s center for those with rare and undiagnosed illnesses.”


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